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Hospice Care During the Holidays

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When we think of the holidays, we think of family coming together! But, this time of year can be difficult for those in hospice or those facing the decision of potential hospice care. This can bring extra stress (during a time that can already feel stressful). 

It might feel easier to put off hospice decisions until after the holidays, but starting hospice can actually help provide support. At the Fisher Home, we aim to take the stress of hospice care away during the holidays by providing excellent services to our residents and community members. If you’d like to support us, donate below. 

Benefits of Being in Hospice Care During the Holidays

If hospice care is necessary for you or your loved one around the holidays, there are probably a lot of thoughts going through your head. You might be wondering how traditions will be upheld and how you will make this holiday season joyful. But, being in hospice can actually help relieve some stress for loved ones. A few of the benefits include:

  • Stress Relief -There are so many things to plan during the holidays, so providing care for the terminally ill might feel overwhelming. As a hospice, we can help with care so everyone can focus on the things that truly matter during the holidays. 

  • Bereavement Support - Families and friends of the terminally ill may be worried about this being their last holiday spent together. Or, if illness progresses, loved ones may be left grieving a time they thought they would be spending with their person. Luckily, hospice care teams come equipped with bereavement counselors and spiritual advisors to help you navigate these tough feelings. 

  • Shared Care Responsibilities - Whether you or a loved one is doing at-home hospice care or residential hospice care, trained professionals and volunteers are there to help carry the load of care. Having nurses on call means that you do not have to worry about abrupt changes in plans. 

  • Companionship - Additionally, those who are terminally ill may not be able to attend every holiday event. Instead of being alone, volunteers or hospice staff may be available to provide companionship. This can provide a huge sense of relief while loved ones prepare for the holidays.

How Does Holiday Hospice Care Work?

Just like the rest of the year, hospice care during the holidays revolves around making the terminally ill comfortable, reducing pain, and managing symptoms. No matter what, a team of compassionate, caring people are there to support you and your loved ones. The only difference with holiday hospice care is that you may see a few decorations around the facility!

Hospice care is individualized to meet a dying person’s needs. We understand that these needs may shift as the holidays approach. With more family in town, more events, and more traditions at play, hospice care facilities aim to create a schedule that works for you! By working with family members, we try to ensure that no holiday ritual is missed out on by a hospice resident. 

Celebrating the Holidays With a Loved One in Hospice

As mentioned before, families of the terminally ill may be thinking about this holiday season being the last. This puts a ton of extra pressure on everyone. Also, it can feel awkward to be having a good time while in the process of losing someone you love. Here are our tips for celebrating the holidays while a loved one is in hospice care:

  1. Remove Expectations

  2. Document Memories

  3. Uphold Tradition (While Picking the Most Important Parts)

  4. Be Flexible

  5. Bring Holidays to Hospice

  6. Don’t Overstimulate

Let Your Hospice Care Team Support You

The holidays can be stressful, especially if you or a loved one is in hospice care. But, they are also a time for family. This balancing act can create anxiety. However, with the help of a hospice care team, like the one at Hospice of the Fisher Home, you can ensure a great holiday season. 

For any inquiries, feel free to contact us!

If you found this blog post helpful, consider donating or helping with our ongoing renovations. 

We, at the Fisher Home, wish you a joyful holiday season!

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