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Board of Directors

Anita Sarro, Board Chair

Deborah T. Jankowski, Vice Chair

Kim Alli, Secretary

Janine Kent, Treasurer

Janine Kent has served as a member of the board for nearly five years, first as a non-officer board member, now she holds the position of Treasurer! Her professional and educational backgrounds lend themselves nicely to her position, as she obtained an undergraduate degree in accounting and MBA from Western New England University. Then, she became a public accountant. 

Janine is passionate about the Fisher Home and the difference it makes in the community. Her main goal in being part of the board is to understand death, learn how to approach it better, and make a contribution to the mission. In Janine’s words, “Its mission resonates in that there are two things certain in life - death and taxes. The Fisher Home allows persons to feel comfortable approaching the inevitable and goes so far as to have them enjoy the time they have remaining.” 

When she isn’t crunching numbers or helping out the Fisher Home, Janine can be found spending time with her loving family – she is mother of two wonderful sons and a beautiful granddaughter! She loves to travel, sight see, and taste wine!

David Artzerounian, MD

David Artzerounian, MD has spent the last half a decade making a difference at the Fisher Home. His background as a retired internal medicine MD and as the prior medical director at MassMutual gives him the knowledge and compassion to make a healthcare facility, like the Fisher Home, the best it can be. Many years ago, his friend passed away and spent his final days at our hospice. David witnessed excellent care from our staff members and knew that by becoming a part of the board, he could impact others in the same way. He loves the Fisher Home “because of the excellent service they provide and the compassionate staff.” 

As a member of the board, David focuses on marketing and outreach. Plus, he uses his background in medicine to aid with medical reviews and quality reviews! In his free time, he enjoys tennis, skiing, and learning!

Diana Marie Preston

Dina Stander

Dina Stander has spent the last two years on the Board of Directors at the Hospice of the Fisher Home focusing on education and outreach. But, her experience with the Fisher Home started much earlier, when her mother-in-law passed away at the hospice in 2006. 

As an end-of-life navigator, poet, funeral celebrant, and burial shroud maker she is passionate about quality death care in her community. Her background spans many modalities, all of which are centered around communication and care. From Dina’s mediation and conflict resolution degree from the University Without Walls at UMass to her experience in elder services, coaching, and end-of-life doula training, she is enthusiastic about the Fisher Home’s impact. In her words, it is “a peaceful place to die while supported by gentle caring hands.”

When she is not advocating for the Fisher Home, you can find Dina coordinating the Northeast Death Care Collaborative, writing, cooking, and collecting stones on the beach. For more information on Dina, head to!

Benjamin Viens

Stacey Wenczel

Stacey Wenczel lived just around the corner from the Fisher Home when she finished her BS in Marketing and Art at UMass – little did she know that she would eventually join the organization! After completing her BS, Stacey earned an MS in Human Resources and Labor Relations from Rutgers University. Here, she started her long career in HR as a manager and consultant. Through her career and education, she has acquired skills that bring value and insight to the Fisher Home!


As a Pioneer Valley resident for over thirty years, Stacey is extremely committed to the community and is passionate about the caring staff at the Hospice, who, in her words, provide “such a blessed service to dying people and their loved ones.” In fact, she was introduced to the Fisher Home by Executive Director, Maria Riveria, whom she met when their eldest children attended school together nearly twenty years ago. Since joining the Board of Directors in late 2020, she has been excited to “support Maria and her goals in leading this unique and valuable program.” 


Outside of the boardroom and work, Stacey enjoys fitness activities like biking, hiking, and strength training. She can happily be found spending time with her family, growing and fermenting food, and experimenting with crafty, elevated mocktails!

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