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What Sets Us Apart

We are one of only two agencies in Massachusetts — and the only agency in Western Massachusetts — to receive a 5-star rating from Medicare’s “Care and Compare”.

In addition, Hospice of the Fisher Home:

  • provides educational resources for patients, families, and caregivers.

  • offers personal supplies including shower caps, mouth swabs, incontinence products, etc. for all patients.

  • provides excellent support from well-trained staff.

  • is a member of We Honor Our Veterans.


For our patients in their own homes, we offer temporary respite stays at our residence to support resolving sudden symptom spikes and provide a rest for primary caregivers. 

Additionally, we have 75+ volunteers who offer a wide variety of support including:

  • massage

  • harp and other live music

  • therapy dogs

  • Reiki

  • acupuncture

  • spiritual support

  • meditation

  • book reading

  • sitting vigils


Hospice of the Fisher Home is unique in that we can provide care both in the patient's home or in our hospice residence. Patients who start in one setting may change to the other if they prefer. Regardless of the setting, the hospice staff caring for your loved one remains the same, assuring continuity of care and fostering personal connections and trust.

The Fisher Home structures care to meet individual needs and wishes. Your loved one decides when to eat, sleep, and have visitors. We promise that they will receive as much assistance as they require and are encouraged to be independent as long as they are able.

Our Staff

The clinical staff at our hospice is a multidisciplinary team that includes a medical doctor, registered hospice nurses, certified nursing assistants, social worker, and spiritual and bereavement counselor. The nurses and nursing assistants, available 24 hours a day, are experts in comfort care and use the latest methods of pain and symptom management to enable patients to live as fully and comfortably as possible. Learn more about our team here. 


Our spiritual and bereavement counselors meet frequently with patients and their loved ones to guide them through the emotional and social challenges that often accompany the end of life. Our social worker assists with social, emotional, and financial issues, and connects families with other community resources when needed. Everyone on the team has specialized hospice training and a deep dedication to helping our patients experience peace, comfort, and moments of joy.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions. Our friendly staff is more than happy to assist you!

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