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The Fisher Home Story

The Fisher Home story started long before we began our work. On December 30, 1909 the first step toward the Fisher Home was founded under the name "The Amherst Home for Aged Women." It was created with the provisions and the proceeds from the will of Ellen Kellogg Fisher. She requested that the home was created to care for elderly women in North Amherst and the surrounding areas. 


Though the corporate name for the facility was the Amherst Home for Aged Women, it was always referred to as "The Fisher House" throughout the community! To clear up confusion, the official name was changed to The Fisher Home, Inc in 2000.








Fisher Home referrals were always received by word of mouth as we began making an impact in the community, and beyond. Many years ago, women used to sign over their estates in exchange for a lifetime of care. In the early days, some fundraising was done in the form of "Jam and Jelly Days", when excess furniture and homemade jams and jellies were auctioned off. Some of the furniture in still in the bedrooms today!


The Fisher Home was originally established in a large, white farmhouse (seen above), close to the sidewalk at the front of the property. In 1967-68, the building no longer met the housing requirements for elder care and extensive renovations were needed. 


Unfortunately, it was not cost effective to continue to care for the elderly in the same building. So, our current building was created and the old farmhouse was sold and moved to Hobart Lane, where it still exists today. 

In 2004, the Board of Directors of Fisher Home, facing a dwindling population, voted to gift the residence to Friends of Hospice, Inc. in order to establish the first end-of-life care residence in Western Massachusetts. Then, the Hospice of the Fisher Home was born. The Hospice of the Fisher Home welcomed its first residents in November, 2006, and has been serving the community since.















We have gone through many changes since opening our doors all those years ago. In our time, we have met amazing residents, gone through renovations, and become a close-knit network of staff members. The Hospice of the Fisher home continues to grow each day and hopes to impact the lives many more community members. 

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