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At-Home Hospice Care Benefits - The Fisher Home Community Program

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At-home hospice care is an excellent choice for those in the final stage of their life looking for extra care and comfort. Additionally, it allows the terminally ill to stay in a comfortable environment full of familiar faces!

The Fisher Home is incredibly active in the community, offering at-home patients medical supervision, nursing care, emotional support, and practical help. 

If you’d like to support the mission of Hospice of the Fisher Home, donate below. 

What is At Home Hospice Care?

At-home hospice care is exactly what it sounds like - hospice care in the comfort of your own home. It is an amazing choice that many do not even know exists! 

Hospice care is a choice for those with life-limiting illnesses. It focuses on quality of life, care, and comfort. Patients who are at this point in their lives sometimes have the option to choose between hospice in a residence like the Fisher Home or hospice in their own home. 

Benefits of At-Home Hospice Care

At-home hospice care is a wonderful option for those seeking the comforts of home! Just like hospice care in a residence, at-home care has a variety of benefits.

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1.The patient can stay in a known, comfortable environment

While care in a hospice residence offers its own amazing benefits, it is not always for everyone. By staying at home, patients who are transitioning to this phase of their lives can be in a familiar environment. Any form of hospice care support, whether at home or in a residence like the Fisher Home, can have a profound impact on the mental well-being of a dying person. 

2. If the condition changes, support is available

When starting hospice care in general, it can feel a little bit scary. The patient's condition may fluctuate and this can be overwhelming for the loved ones who are in charge of care. 

When starting at-home hospice, however, some daunting tasks are taken over by a hospice care team. No matter the situation, support is available 24/7. 

3. Extra time at home means more quality time with loved ones

By staying at home, the dying person can be surrounded by loved ones. Of course, patient care in a skilled nursing facility allows family members and friends to visit. But, when a terminally ill person opts for at-home hospice care, they have even more time to spend with loved ones. They can continue to be involved in family events, spend time in a relaxed setting, and no one has to plan visits. That being said, visits are easy to plan with a residential facility like the Fisher Home!

4. Loved Ones Can be Given Reprieve

When someone is advised to consider hospice care, the idea of staying at home might not immediately come to mind. In such situations, family members or friends often step in to offer support, but this can be a source of overwhelming stress. With at-home care, patients who wish to stay at their home can get the care they need, without as much stress on their loved ones.  

What does at-home hospice care look like?

When considering at-home hospice care, you might be wondering what a day in your life looks like. You can see what we offer [here]. While the level of care varies depending on the person, and their illness, there are a few things that can be expected:

  • Assistance with activities of daily living

  • Medications related to the life-limiting illnesses administered and delivered

  • Medical equipment 

  • Nurses on call 24 hours a day

  • Regularly scheduled visits with a medical team

  • Nursing visits

  • Bereavement services for loved ones

  • Spiritual counsel 

Hospice of the Fisher Home Community Program

We are so proud to offer care within our community in the form of at-home hospice. This means that we can extend help BEYOND our wonderful nine-bed residence to any community member who needs it. 

Our care includes regular visits from our clinical staff, including registered hospice nurses, certified nursing assistants, social workers, spiritual counselors, and bereavement counselors. We help create a schedule that caters to you and additional visits can be added as needed. We also are happy to manage the ordering and delivery of medication and medical equipment. 

The Fisher Home understands that conditions may change over time so if you or a loved one are receiving hospice care at home and decide that it would be better to move to residential care, then we will help make the transfer as smooth as possible. 

Hospice care is an essential part of any community. Help Hospice of the Fisher Home keep providing excellent care by donating today via the button below or shop at the Hospice Shop!

If you would like to donate time, consider volunteering. For upcoming events and updates consider following us on social media!

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