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Hospice of the Fisher Home is an independent, freestanding nonprofit hospice program in Amherst, Massachusetts, serving all of western Massachusetts.

Hospice of the Fisher Home is unique in that we can provide care both in the patient's home or in our hospice residence. Patients who start in one setting may change to the other if they prefer. Regardless of the setting, the hospice staff caring for your loved one remains the same, assuring continuity of care and fostering personal connections and trust.

Something else unique about the Fisher Home is that at our hospice residence we structure care to meet individual needs and wishes. Your loved one decides when to eat, sleep, and have visitors.  They receive as much assistance as they require and are encouraged to be independent as long as they are able.

Our specialty is providing expert end-of-life care that addresses not only our patients’ physical needs, but their social, emotional, and spiritual needs as well—and the needs of their loved ones. We firmly believe that each of us has the right to die with dignity and without pain. We gladly offer our services to all, regardless of age, race, religion, or sexual orientation.

Dr. Rich Rosen, Medical Director                                       Maria Rivera, RN, CHPN, Clinical Director

Our clinical staff is a multidisciplinary team of specialists in end-of-life care that includes nurses and certified nursing assistants, a medical doctor, a bereavement and spiritual counselor, and social worker. We are available to our patients 24 hours a day, providing medical care, pain and symptom management, practical help, emotional support, and counseling.

Choosing to enter our hospice program does not mean giving up on life. In fact, our care often extends people's lives, by focusing on quality of life, physical comfort, and emotional needs in a way not possible in larger institutions or in health care facilities not dedicated exclusively to hospice care.

"You reached out to us, his family, always in a very loving way. You were always there with hugs, comforting words, blankets and tissues. Anything to help us get through that heartbreaking last night. All this care helped ease our pain, just knowing we were not alone." 

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