Sunday, January 15, 2017


It is a little known fact that, in addition to our Hospice Residence at 1165 North Pleasant Street, the Fisher Home staff also provides hospice services in individuals’ private homes, as well as at Assisted Living Facilities, Retirement Communities and Skilled Nursing Facilities. During our “downtime” in the past six months, this aspect of our services has become better known in part as a result of individuals calling the Fisher Home and, upon learning that we were temporarily closed and asking for other options, were informed that we also provide services in private residences.

While there are several hospice organizations that care for patients in their homes, there are none in western MA that offer care both in a private home as well as around the clock care in our Residence at 1165 North Pleasant Street in Amherst. This is unique, as is the ability of a patient who has been cared for in his/her home to seamlessly transition to the full care Residence on a priority basis if more attention is needed.

Please call us at 413-549-0115 or email us at if you or someone you know would like to have more information about this program.

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